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X-Men Movie Review

What a totally awesome movie! This movie way exceeded my expectations; I honestly thought it was going to be pretty cheesy. Granted, it's not Dead Man Walking or anything, but it's not supposed to be. It's a good action superhero flick–that actually takes some time to develop its characters. Wow!

The film is pretty loyal to the comic, not exactly, but close enough. Choosing Rogue as the young lost teenager (the comic has seen several) was a good choice, I think, even if not entirely accurate (I could be wrong, but in the comic, I don't think she was picked up by the X-Men until after the Carol Danvers incident). If anything, I'm glad the young lost teenager wasn't Jubilee, or worse, Kitty Pryde (though her cameo was cute).

Patrick Stewart, of course, was a fantastic Professor X, and Ian McKellen and equally good Magneto. I was pleasantly surprised by Halle Berry's Storm; I didn't think she'd do a good job with Ororo's... shall we say, thunderous personality, but she did very well. Most of the players were fairly well acted for this kind of movie; I don't remember the actor's name, but whoever played Logan did a good job as well.

Cyclops was an asshole, but that wasn't the actor's fault. Is he that much of a jerk in the comic? I don't remember him to be, but I don't read the comic that often.

I'm also impressed they maintained the humanity of Magneto–what makes him such a great villain is that he's an entirely sympathetic character. He's not a "I'm taking over the world because I feel like it" character, he's a man on the offensive because his experience has told him that unless he takes the offensive, he'll be trampled by society.

I highly recommend this movie if you're an X-Men fan, a comic book fan, or any action/superhero flick fan. I'll probably see it again, and I can't wait for the sequel... I hope they give Rogue the rest of her powers, as traumatic as an event that is. I'm not used to a wimpy Rogue–as a character she was fine, I just want her to be able to kick ass. What else do I want to see in the sequel? Gambit and Beast.


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